mc17 (mc17) wrote,

Broken camera blues

Just in time for my Digital Photography class (which is a joke, by the way, but it satisfies an upper level credit i need to graduate) - my camera died.

None of the buttons except for Power and Exposure respond at all. ...which for the most part makes the camera completely useless.

It's a Canon SD500, 7.1mp camera. I've had it for about 18 months, so it's out of warranty.

I'll probably be getting the SD700 as a replacement. It's only a 6mp camera, which kind of sucks to pay money for less pixels, but the CDD is larger, and just about everything else is as good or incrementally better (newer) and this one will come with another year of warranty, which wouldn't be the case for the $200 repaired camera i'd be getting if i just paid Canon to fix mine.

so - lame. I can't afford this, but i need it. ...and want it.
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