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Hello again

It's been exactly 4 months since i've posted anything here, and i'm wondering if i should even bother...

On occasion, i post to my techie-nerd blog;, but only about techie nerdy stuff, and i think i'd prefer to keep it that way.

Here is much more of a random assortment of notes and thoughts, and i'd also prefer to keep it like that. So i guess i'll keep it (for now) and attempts to use it more often.

So here's some of what's been going on the last few months:

Looks like i never mentioned it, probably from being crazy busy at the time... but in May '07 I finally graduated from UCCS with a BA in Fine Arts. (Magna Cum Laude & Highest Distinction)

For my graduation, Chelise organized a large group of people together to pitch in for a "computer fund" for me. It was incredible, and really blew me away. After sitting on the money for a while (and waiting for the eventual iMac refresh) I finally ended up getting a 24" iMac, fairly well spec'd. ...and i love the thing.

Chelise and i went out to California for Thanksgiving. It was great to spend some time with my family, but also just to spend some time in CA. :)

Shortly after, in December, I went out to NY with my artist buddy Adam, and had a great time. A few of the highlights: we got first tier box seats at Carnegie Hall for Kiki & Herb: The Second Coming (december 12th), and it was spectacular. we also went to the top of Rockerfeller Center, saw the Saks and Bergdorf Goodman etc Christmas window displays, and saw that highly recommended Fuerza Bruta (which is something that you you really should see if at all possible.)

The NY trip was fantastic, with really great people, and Adam's uncle Phil really made the trip incredible. (I still need to try and figure out some way to thank him.)

Then came christmas, which was nice and low-key this year. Chelise got me a rad Bulova watch. :)

New Years
Then, for New Years, Chelise and i headed back out to California, for my little sister's engagement party. It was beautiful, and i'm really happy for her.

Now we're a few weeks into January, and I'm again working at UCCS. (My 6 month contract with UCCS ended in November, and i'd been doing freelance web work in the mean time.) Now (since Jan. 7th) I'm working in University Relations, and even though i've only been here about a week and a half, and even though i'm currently using an old mac (with a nice screen, but slow old 933MHz g4), and even though i'm on this tiny, temporary desk for a few more weeks..... i'm loving it.

It's a very good place to work, the office dynamic is working out pretty well, and we're getting in to some cool projects. (Stuff that i think will really benefit the university in one way or another.) I'm hoping this can turn into a permanent position - i like working here, but also, i believe i bring a lot to the table, and that what i'm just starting to do here will prove to be something they need and value.

I'm wondering if i should just keep a personal blog on my own site, or maybe move to a person wiki.... or just go ahead and keep my journal here. If you (the theoretical reader) have any opinion on the matter, chime in.
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