mc17 (mc17) wrote,

New Fuel Pump in the Audi 5000

On January 12th, Jeff and I (mostly Jeff really) replaced the Fuel Pump (and Fuel Filter a few days before) on my black Audi 5000 CSTQ, at around 175,000 miles.

It runs great now, when it starts, which is not so often. :(

We probably need to replace or repair the check valve above the fuel pump. The car will really struggle to start, as if there is no fuel in the lines, but once it finally catches (and i do mean finally, several minutes later) it drives great. (...or at least as good as it has before, and about as great as you could possibly expect a 22 year old turbo car to run.) So it seems that there actually isn't fuel in the lines - that when the car is turned off, all the fuel in the lines drain back into the tank. ...that's the theory.

So when we get the chance, well open it back up and take a look at replacing the check valve.
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