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A few of the movies i've seen recently:


I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was, to one degree or another, a "Blair Witch" that wasn't completely retarded. It's like they took that concept and actually put some real thought into some clever ways to use it to tell a story. It has its faults, but i really do think it was good. 4/5


Great movie. I really like Ellen Page in this roll and the writing is quick, clever, and engaging. 4/5

Casino Royale

This was another really fun movie. It's better than just a re-hash of the older flicks, it seems to bring something new to the table. 4/5

Finding Neverland

I enjoyed it, but i really don't have much to say about it. 3/5

Resident Evil: Extinction

Just another crappy Resident Evil in the silly series, but it wasn't really any worse than the other 2. They're bad, but i enjoy them. 2/5

Van Helsing

saying that i had "low" expectations would be charitable... but it was fun, in one of those "this movie is aweful" kinds of ways. Kate Beckinsale, while not ugly, certainly doesn't look or do her best in this flick. Even though "Click" was bad, as far as i've seen, it's were she looked her best. I wish she'd get more "normal person" roles instead of these awful leather-clad-vampire-hunter / 17th-century-whore costumed roles. :\ 1/5
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