mc17 (mc17) wrote,

Regarding CBSNews' "GOP Gives Clinton The Silent Treatment" recently wrote an article called GOP Gives Clinton The Silent Treatment - the basic point being that the republican party is attacking Obama regularly while more or less ignoring Clinton.

The article never mentions it... but it seems obvious to me that they're not ethe least bit worried about Hillary, in fact, they strongly prefer that she gets the nomination because she'll be so easy to bury come the election. They have all the dirt they'll ever need on Clinton, and are grasping at straws to try and get Obama out of the running, for fear of having to run against him in the real election.

that's my take. I'd love to hear an opposing one.

(in fact, i've been looking for good info on why Obama would be a bad candidate, but there's so much nonsense out there (like "he'z a terorest!") that it's hard to find the good stuff. anyone have a good resource for me?
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